Alright, I have decided to make this blog. It's for ideas of what may happen in Season 3. There are so much opportunities, please leave a comment below of what should happen! I would love a Season 3!

So the current cliffhangers are.....

  • Felix soon to be stuck in Negative Space
  • The news reporters knowing about magic, and Roland's secret

And things that need explaining are...

  • A bit more about Negative Space, and why it's a warehouse.
  • Witch Lady
  • Saskia
  • Alice
  • A bit more in depth about the Restoring Demon Andy and that junk.

I also think that.....

  • Saskia needs to make a return, maybe fights Alice or something?
  • Sam and Mia should shift over to a focus, maybe causing a love triangle with Lochlan.
  • The news reporters go evil.
  • Roland's Job, and why he is homeless in the alternate universe should be explained outside of 5th boy game.
  • A new plot should emerge with Jake, his mum, and Mr.Bates.
  • Sam's brothers and Felix's parents should have a bit more plot.
  • Episode 11 is somewhat a filler (Episode 11 was the mum's virus, which may be considered a filler, and the next was Roland's and Sam's body switch)
  • A fight should occur between the boys and their girlfriends and that junk.
  • Ellen and Felix date or something.
  • Phoebe and Alice come out of Negative Space and act as the main villain, and Felix goes in.
  • The 5th Boy appears.
  • Bear makes another appearance, expect that it makes sense this time. And BEAR GETS REVENGE ON ALICE FOR LEAVING HIM IN A MAGIC WAREHOUSE!
  • A new character comes along.
  • The talisman is destroyed sometime.
  • The finale IS AWESOME!

So much dot points. Comment, I may edit it to include your idea. I may include a Episode Guide for Season 3 once I have the time.

EDIT: I would include Jake and Saskia being together, but Jake would then be dating a earth figurine so.......

EDIT! EDIT! VERY IMPORTANT! PLEASE LOOK AT THIS MESSAGE: Two Moons Rising has been CONFIRMED. A third series of Nowhere Boys is in the making, so stay tuned.

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