Tegan is a powerful witch who once got transported to the Real World by Felix Ferne.

She is the personification of Chaos, much like her brother "Bear" serves as Order.


Tegan was very vengeful for being abandoned by her brother "Bear" from when they were younger in Negative Space. She is also known to enjoy causing chaos throughout the multiverse, and is also temperamental.


Early lifeEdit

30 years before the first Nowhere Boys united, Tegan was sent to the Real World unwillingly, leading her to want to have "fun" causing chaos, but was quickly defeated by Ken Ferne, using a spell he invented in his lair at Bremin High School, but at the cost of his magical potential.

Chaos rulesEdit

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Tegan is one of the most powerful witches ever throughout the multiverse. As the personification of Chaos, she has full control over all the elements, and has knowledge of a large assortment of powerful spells.

She is able to control people, in a manner similar to Restoring Demon possession.

Tegan is mostly seen using shadow powers. She can make shadow minions who will do her bidding. She can also control other people to attack her enemies.




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