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Roberts is a police sergeant at the Bremin police station, and a colleague of Detective Roland Murphy.


Roberts evidently takes his job a lot less seriously than Roland. He has a habit of snickering or smirking at inopportune moments, such as when he interrogated the Lau family over Andy's second disappearance. He also takes the opportunity to make snide jokes. He is also a firm believer in normality, and was quick to report Roland and get him sacked after seeing him acting odd.


Andy Lau's disappearanceEdit

Roberts heard of the Lau family's concern over Andy Lau's disappearance, shortly after the return of him and the Bremin Four. He arrived with Andy's sister Viv at the boys' "Welcome Back Party" to ask the other three about what had happened,[1] and called them into the police station to meet with Detective Murphy for questioning.[2] However, the Sargent didn't take the family seriously, believing Andy to be behaving like a typical teen and having gone away with his friends.

Fire at Bremin HighEdit

Roberts apprehends Luke Hamill under suspicion of starting a fire at Bremin High. He interrogates Luke with his mother accompanying, but wasn't able to get any answers from him. Shortly afterwards Bad Ben enters the Police Station, claiming he is a witness to the fire at Bremin High. However this turns out to be a ruse for Ben to try and steal the bags containing the Atridax, but unable to get through a locked door he leaves.[3]


  • "Roberts" is his surname. He is addressed as "Sgt. Roberts" with his first name's initial being "D."




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