The Real World[1] is one of the three major universes encountered by the Nowhere Boys.


Exclusive to this worldEdit

Shared between worldsEdit


Differences with the Alternate WorldEdit

  • The "Nowhere Boys" exist in this world.
  • Oscar is handicapped and unable to walk.
  • Ellen O'Donnell is a cold, unsociable goth, rather than a friendly girl.
  • Sammy Conte doesn't exist, as Sam Conte was born in his place.
  • Jake's mother, Sarah, is still married to Gary Riles.
  • Gary is an unemployed, carefree slacker rather than a dedicated, caring police officer.
  • Roland is a police detective rather than a homeless man.
  • Phoebe Hartley no longer runs her magic shop, and close it up.
  • Alice Hartley never found the talisman, and used a tablet in its place.
  • The 5th Boy and his father got directions from Andy and managed to find their way through Bremin.


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