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Phil Mason[1] is a real estate agent working for Bremin Real Estate who once visited Jake's home, as Sarah hadn't paid the rent.




Asking for rentEdit

Jake, Sarah, Phil and BlahBlahBlah

Jake and Sarah hide from Phil behind their couch.

On May 3, 2013, Phil visited Sarah Riles's house, where she and her son Jake hid behind their couch, waiting to leave for work and school while he continued to knock on the door asking for Sarah's overdue rent. Phil would give up and seemed to know that they were inside the house, and because of the fact that they needed to go, Sarah opened the front door and asked Phil why he doesn't get the money from her ex-husband, Gary Riles. Phil explained to her that he had attempted, but that Gary had no money and he almost had to have him convicted too. Quickly afterwards, Jake left in a hurry to get to school for an excursion into the Bremin Ranges National Park, while Sarah closed the door on Phil.[2]



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