"Order must be restored."
―"Bear" at the arrival of Tegan[src]

"Order must be restored" is a phrase often uttered by the Restoring Demon,[1] the Darkness,[2] "Bear"[3] or the Guardians of Negative Space.[3]

Restoring DemonEdit

The Restoring Demon — sent by "Bear" to the Alternate World[3] — said the phrase in human forms which were capable of doing so, such as Mr Bates[1] or Phoebe Hartley (Alternate World).[4]

The DarknessEdit

During it's attempted takeover of Negative Space, the Darkness spoke this phrase while attacking the "5th Boy" and Alice Hartley.[2]


During the time in which his sister, Tegan, was attacking the multiverse in 2014, the individual named "Bear" said the phrase when commissioning Guardians to defend worlds.[3]


Guardians such as Alice Hartley[1] and Phoebe Hartley uttered the phrase while defending Negative Space from threats to the multiverse.[3]



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