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Nowhere Boys New Year's Eve mini episode is a special, non-canon mini episode of Nowhere Boys set on New Year's Eve. It involves the boys leaving the Alternate World using the Unmaking Spell just after the Restoring Demon possesses their ally Phoebe


When Felix, Sam, Jake and Ellen get chased by the school's demon-possessed netball team in the Alternate World, they have no choice but to return home. However, the boys and Ellen end up in an entirely different universe where Sam is the captain of the school debating team, Felix is the captain of the school football team and Mr. Bates is the restoring demon. Felix then casts the unmaking spell again and they get transported into yet another universe, in which Jake's mother Sarah is a police officer. After casting the spell one more time, Felix, Sam, Jake and Ellen finally arrive back in their own universe where it is New Year's Eve. The boys use their powers to make fireworks appear in the sky.


  • This episode is proved to be non-canon for the following reasons:
    • This episode says it is New Year, when in fact it is around May.
    • If this episode were canon, Gary Riles would not have transported.


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Nowhere Boys New Year's Eve mini episode04:12

Nowhere Boys New Year's Eve mini episode

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