"Nicco, before, it had always been just us two. didn't matter about anyone else because...well, because I always knew you were there."
Jesse Banda to Nicco[src]

Niccolina "Nicco" Pandelis is a 15 year-old student at Bremin High School. Coming from a Greek family, Nicco is a determined, all-rounded girl,[1] high achieving and a soccer star, focusing on these as her passion.[2] Known as the first official "Nowhere Girl," her element is Earth.[4]


Nicco is a straight A student,[5] but slowly begun to achieve worse academically and was forced to cheat at a periodic table exam with Miss O'Donnell teaching.[2]

Nicco is also a very passionate soccer player,[1] except for when her school work overlaps with her training.[2]


Early lifeEdit

Nicco is a high-achiever, who excels at academics and sports. However this puts her under a lot of pressure to maintain her level of performance. There came a point where she became so stressed that she resorted to cheating. Nicco also seems to have been friends with Jesse for a very long time.

Disappearances at schoolEdit


Stranded in Empty WorldEdit


Encounter with AtridaxEdit

"Whatever happens, I'm with you."
―Heath Buckland[src]

Nicco and Heath seem to always be spending time together, and Heath comes to Nicco's house to search for the talisman (where he also meets some of Nicco's family who appear to like him). Nicco and Heath stay together at night to protect the demon egg, but when Heath goes outside to investigate the mysterious noise, bad Ben convinces Nicco to come with him by promising her the safety of Kayla.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Niccolina is able to move dirt and cause earthquakes.

Nicco has also demonstrated the ability to create holes in the ground. She is skilled enough to create several holes simultaneously to restrain others in the ground.


  • Niccolina is the first core Nowhere Boys member to be female.
  • During pre-production of Two Moons Rising, Nicco was referred to as Niyanta.[6]




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