Real World Alternate World

Mia Original
Hair colour Black
Age 15-16
Occupation Student
Friends Sam Conte (mixed, former love-interest)
Lachlan (love-interest)
Ellen O'Donnell (Real World)
Viv Lau (Real World)
Magic potential Yes (Formerly)
Element Air (Formerly)
Alternate counterpart Mia (Alternate World)
Portrayed by Tamala Shelton

Mia is a supporting character in Nowhere Boys. She is a girl who goes to Bremin High School and is the ex-girlfriend of Sam Conte. Her elemental power is air. She is portrayed by Tamala Shelton.


She is a popular girl who goes to Bremin High School and is Sam's girlfriend. During Series 2, she can't figure out what is going on with him and Andy Lau and makes friends with Viv Lau and Ellen to find out, despite hating them before. She breaks up with Sam after he keeps lying and running off. She is very concerned about what the boys are hiding from her and will do anything to find out the truth..


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit



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