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The following is a list of minor alternate counterparts.

Cop Sarah WorldEdit


This universe is non-canon.

This section covers a universe containing comic or obvious non-canon material.

Sarah RilesEdit

Sarah Riles is a Seargent police officer located in an alternative universe. Riles arrived at Bremin High School, where she found the Nowhere Gang lost and confused after narrowly escaping Demon Bates.[1]


Demon Bates WorldEdit


This universe is non-canon.

This section covers a universe containing comic or obvious non-canon material.

Brian BatesEdit

Brian Bates, referred to as simply Bates, is a Restoring Demon from an alternate universe who was once active at Bremin High School. When the Nowhere Boys inadvertently arrived, he chased after them until they transported to another universe.[1]


Sam ConteEdit

Sam Conte is a student and nerd at Bremin High School in a universe where Mr Bates was a Restoring Demon.[1]


This version of Sam except was exceptionally intelligent, to the levels of being a nerd.[1]


Felix FerneEdit

Felix Ferne is a student at Bremin High School in alternative world who plays football.[1]


Timeline 2Edit

Ellen O'DonnellEdit

Ellen O'Donnell, also called Miss O'Donnell, is a student teacher at Bremin High School.[2]


On Luke Hamill and Principal Jarra's first day at the school, Ellen was taking science class when Miss Jarra entered the room, asking to see Heath. Ellen was confused and told Heath not to talk back to her.[2]

Later, O'Donnell held a detention but didn't notice the "disappearance" of Brooklyn and Peta, saying that Brooklyn was a "stupid name for a girl."[2]



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