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Alice and Phoebe Hartley's parents were a male and female couple killed in 1998 by a housefire. Alice Hartley from two different universes attempted a spell to "unmake" the accident, which inadvertently sent her to Negative Space, which she escaped with assistance from the "5th Boy."


Real World and Alternate WorldEdit

One day in 1998, Alice and Phoebe together went to a party. When the two of them got home, they found a house fire burning and their parents having been killed by it. Alice believed that the fire was started on purpose because of her father's position as a banker. In an attempt to unmake the incident, Alice cast an Unmaking Spell with the lines "Douse the flames so we may be" to make it work for her. The spell backfired and sent her to an alternate universe called Negative Space.[1]


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