This is a list of quotes for Felix Ferne.


Episode 1Edit

  • "Earth, Fire, Water, Air. Elements that we all share."
  • "They were cannibals, not zombies."
  • "Come on, Ellen. Forgery is your superpower!"
  • "At least we didn't retreat to cannibalism. See ya."
  • "Goths say, when you're going through hell, stop, because you've arrived."
  • I'm the map guy.

Episode 3 (Season 1)Edit

  • "Go nuts Sam, it will make you feel better."

Episode 13Edit

  • "You can call me a freak."

Episode 1 (Season 2)Edit

Episode 5 (Season 2)Edit

Nowhere Boys: The Book of ShadowsEdit


  • "But I deserve to die!"
  • "Don't call him a freak!"
  • "Shouldn't this Roland be the same?"
  • "Oh, no."

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