Episode 6 is the sixth episode of Nowhere Boys Season 1, and the sixth episode overall.


Jake and Andy do some 'free shopping' at a milk bar but are caught by Sergeant Gary, so Jake sacrifices himself so Andy can escape. Reunited at the hideout Sam, Andy and Felix come under siege by demonic crows.


Jake Riles and Andy Lau decide to go food shopping in order to gather up supplies. Jake is fine on stealing the food and so he secretly puts food into his pockets. While Andy isn't too keen on stealing so he decides to take the apples which are free samples, so he figures it's not stealing. Moments later Ellen comes towards Andy and talks to him but are interrupted by the incoming police as the shopkeeper phoned them about the boys stealing food. Andy and Jake run out of the shop leaving Ellen looking at them and impressed by the cop chase. The boys were chased into a dead end and Jake sacrifices himself to his "dad " in order for Andy to escape back to the den and tell the other boys what happened.

Jake is taking in to the police station and is asked about what he was doing and who is his. Jake insists he is his son and that he can't say anything as he doesn't exist in this world. Gary then finds security footage of the boys trashing the sports hall. Soon the child services arrive and are about to take Jake away.

The boys at the shelter are attacked by crows and have to run to Phoebe's van in order to escape and rescue Jake. Once they get to the police station, Phoebe insists that she is his Aunt and they are all related to each other. The trick seems to work and they all go back inside the police office to clear things up. Felix Ferne then uses his talisman to hack into the security footage and delete what was originally on it ( the boys trashing the sports hall ) and he replaces it with a man sweeping the floors. The police officer( Gary) insists it was wrong but the boys laugh and say he has been imagining things and they get out the police office and escape.




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