Episode 5 is the fifth episode of Nowhere Boys Season 2, and the eighteenth episode overall.


With Saskia, their new water element, the boys do a spell to find Andy but it backfires landing Jake in serious trouble.


The boys have found and recruited Saskia as their new water element and perform the tracking spell. However it backfires, and Jake begins to turn to stone. Felix believes the reason the water in the spell did not show Andy's whereabouts is because he's in the other universe, where Ellen liked him and he was popular. Meanwhile, Jake's condition worsens and he's forced to tell Felix and Sam. They consult Nai Nai, who informs them he got an earth overdose during the spell. They realise that Saskia is an Earth Element, and she had been the additional earth that was disrupting the spell. After the boys discover that Ellen is the missing water element, Felix is able to cure Jake and they tell her the truth about everything. The boys and Ellen then cast the Unmaking Spell to take them back to the other universe to get Andy.


Actor Character
Dougie Baldwin Felix Ferne
Rahart Adams Sam Conte
Matt Testro Jake Riles
Joel Lok Andy Lau (credited only)
Michala Banas Phoebe Hartley
Victoria Thaine Alice Hartley
Darci McDonald Ellen O'Donnell
Phoebe Roberts Saskia Bloom
Sean Rees-Wemyss Oscar Ferne
Tamala Shelton Mia
Nicholas Coughlan Mr. Bates
Jim Russell Detective Roland Murphy
Heidi Arena Cathy Ferne
Michelle Gerster Viv Lau
Sam Sharwood Mike Parker
Zelman Cressey-Gladwin Dylan
Logan Phillips Trent Long
Pieter Wyatt Lachlan


  • The boys mention how Nai Nai was able to cure Jake last time he was sick.


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