Episode 3 is the third episode of Nowhere Boys Season 2, and the sixteenth episode overall.


Pressure mounts on Felix, Jake and Sam as they are questioned by the police about Andy's disappearance. Meanwhile, Oscar tries to locate the Book of Shadows by making a connection to Alice.


After the boys take out the water demon in episode 15 hey each have to have a police interview as too what there view on the disappearance of Andy is. They each agree to not tell the truth and say they don't know what happened. After this they know they have to try and find Andy with the police and their headmaster hot on their tail. While they are being interviewed, the police get a phone call saying the location of Andy Lau. However it is a fake call done by Oscar in order to buy the boys some time.

Later on in the episode, the boys meet up and Felix is very convinced that Alice is responsible for what happened, though the other boys aren't sure if she is bad or good. Once Oscar gets visions of the location of the book of shadows ( under a tree near a lake), they all rush off to try and retrieve it, though they soon find out that the book isn't there and know that Alice has taken it first. ( she got visions of the book, the same as Oscar). She then  smiles and watches the boys as she grasps onto the book.


Actor Character
Dougie Baldwin Felix Ferne
Rahart Adams Sam Conte
Matt Testro Jake Riles
Joel Lok Andy Lau (credited only)
Michala Banas Phoebe Hartley
Victoria Thaine Alice Hartley
Darci McDonald Ellen O'Donnell
Sean Rees-Wemyss Oscar Ferne
Tamala Shelton Mia
Nicholas Coughlan Mr. Bates
Jim Russell Detective Roland Murphy
Heidi Arena Cathy Ferne
Michelle Gerster Viv Lau


  • This is the first episode to not feature Andy Lau, though Joel Lok is still credited.
    • He did however appear in the archive footage of the previous episodes as well as in a photograph.


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