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Episode 1 is the first episode of Nowhere Boys Season 2, and the fourteenth episode overall.


Felix, Andy, Jake and Sam have returned home, but still the universe seems out of balance. Felix is concerned that Alice has followed them back; and Andy hopes his new power will get Ellen to notice him.


Felix, Andy, Sam, and Jake have finally returned to the Real World, where they reunite with their families and friends. However life is far from normal, as each of the boy's discover they have developed magical powers to match their element. The boys have also attracted a lot of media attention and are scheduled for an appearance the next day. Andy is particularly excited about the interview, and plans on divulging the truth about wormholes andAlternate Worlds .

At the press conference, the boys are questioned as to where they were, and what they did about food. However Felix is distracted and is slow to answer the question. Andy then jumps in and recites the speech he had been practicing about the truth, before Felix promptly cuts in and stops him. The press continue with their questions and the boys begin to feel bombarded, as they are at risk of exposing their secrets. The ground then starts shaking, leading everyone in the room to believe it's an earthquake and flee from the scene, however it turns out to be Jake, who is revealed to be able to make the ground shake whenever he gets emotional.

Andy and Sam also explain that they now possess powers in accordance to their element. When asked if he has afire power , Felix says he would show them. The boys make their way to the shack, which they glad also exists in this universe. Felix then outstretches his hand and generates a fireball. The boys then decide to practice each of their powers. They set up a few cans and try to knock them over. Each of the boys are able to succeed, except for Andy who still has trouble controlling his water powers and has the water splash onto him.


Actor Character
Dougie Baldwin Felix Ferne
Joel Lok Andy Lau
Rahart Adams Sam Conte
Matt Testro Jake Riles
Sean Rees-Wemyss Oscar Ferne
Michala Banas Phoebe Hartley
Victoria Thaine Alice Hartley
Darci McDonald Ellen O'Donnell
Tamala Shelton Mia
Michelle Gerster Viv Lau



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