Real World Alternate World

Cathy Ferne
Hair colour Blonde
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Oscar (son)
Friends Felix Ferne
Enemies Unknown
Magic potential No
Element N/A
Alternate counterpart Cathy Ferne (Real World)
Portrayed by Heidi Arena

Cathy Ferne is a minor character in Nowhere Boys. She is the mother of Oscar Ferne in the Alternate World. She is portrayed by Heidi Arena.


Cathy is rather caring towards her only son Oscar, but worries that he has few friends and is considered an outcast. She is immensely thrilled when she believes he made friends with Felix and goes to great lengths to have him to stay friends. For example inviting him over for dinner and staying at their house for the weekend.


Encountering FelixEdit

When Cathy first meets Felix she mistakes him for one of Oscar's friends. She is very kind to him, happy that Oscar has made a friend. She even invites him over to dinner. She treats him like her son and doesn't take too long to trust him, probably as she's so desperate for Oscar to make new friends.

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