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  • Pedrex2000

    Hi guys, this is about season 3 of nowhere boys. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the new cast and how you think this will effect how good the show is?. Just comment down how you feel it'll go in comparison with the other seasons.

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  • Games19531723

    in the comments section below type who is your favourite character

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  • Stryzzar

    For those of you who are unaware, Nowhere Boys will be getting a feature film in 2016. And just recently there is now a trailer available. Check it out, it looks amazing:

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  • RabidDisneyWeirdo

    I have made a story on Wattpad of Nowhere Boys. I have put an authors note at the top and just keep looking for me to update it if you like reading random stuff (which is the name of the book may I add).

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  • Oscarisnotonfire

    Season 3

    April 20, 2015 by Oscarisnotonfire

    Alright, I have decided to make this blog. It's for ideas of what may happen in Season 3. There are so much opportunities, please leave a comment below of what should happen! I would love a Season 3!

    So the current cliffhangers are.....

    • Felix soon to be stuck in Negative Space
    • The news reporters knowing about magic, and Roland's secret

    And things that need explaining are...

    • A bit more about Negative Space, and why it's a warehouse.
    • Witch Lady
    • Saskia
    • Alice
    • A bit more in depth about the Restoring Demon Andy and that junk.

    I also think that.....

    • Saskia needs to make a return, maybe fights Alice or something?
    • Sam and Mia should shift over to a focus, maybe causing a love triangle with Lochlan.
    • The news reporters go evil.
    • Roland's Job, and why he is homeless…
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  • NoahR9

    Hail Stryzzar

    April 7, 2015 by NoahR9

    "Hail Stryzzar" is a phrase often used by admins of this Wiki when they intend to make a new page or change content of something. It was first used by Oskiemaxi, and has been used ever since as a means of waiting for Stryzzar to "check" what they're doing, in fear of having it deleted.

    This is a joke. No need to delete; it's a blog post! It's mine! Oskie, I hope you're laughing.

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  • NoahR9

    The Nowhere Boys Official Fan Group is a closed group on Facebook group that received adminship by NoahR9, but was not created by him. It has over 1000 members, and was created in late 2013.

    The group is regulary updated with news and information about the show, such as if an actor gets on a new show, or if it is nominated for an award. It has a few admins who often are always working, and an average of one post per day.

    Nowhere Boys Official Fan Group on Facebook.

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  • NoahR9

    Unmaking Spell

    March 7, 2015 by NoahR9

    This is the Unmaking Spell after going through a translator.

    Wet, jody, of roofs of the umbrella, the air.

    Wet, jody, of roofs of the umbrella, the air.

    Elements, of when in accin of the caoksztat.

    Cleaning of distant our gua of the pchs.

    Wiatowych of Fhrt ns place.

    The wind throws the fear.

    The flams of Fire, of mssen of ns face.

    Odchodeni again the roof of umbrella therefor,

    again in that of walks she knows,

    her that enters again she knows.

    Odchodeni again the roof of umbrella therefor,

    again in that of walks she knows,

    her that enters again she knows.

    Water, Fire, Earth, Air.

    Water, Fire, Earth, Air.

    Elements that we all share.

    Water wash our sins away.

    Earth guide us to a place.

    Wind brings with it fear.

    Flames of Fire we must face.

    Walk upon this Earth ag…

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  • Oscarisnotonfire

    Favourite Character

    February 16, 2015 by Oscarisnotonfire

    Hey there, Oskiemaxi here.

    This is a blog where you can talk about your favourite characters. Of course, you can just chat about what ever Nowhere Boys related.

    Please reply!

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  • NoahR9

    There is a fair amount of unexplained plot details that occur in Nowhere Boys. This blog is about theories around Nowhere Boys of things that haven't been explained. Please comment below!

    Alice Hartley (in the backstory of Nowhere Boys) got sent to Negative Space, where she tried to remain hidden from the Darkness in the game. While here, if there was a disturbance in one of the many universes, she became the Restoring Demon. The story is that she was sent there "ten years ago", but which version of her went there? The one in the original world, or the one in the alternate world? Or maybe both?

    This brings up many theories. This includes only one Alice ever existing, two of Alice at the same time, or that they merged. However, if they did merge, d…

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