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Warning! This page contains SPOILERS from Nowhere Boys: Two Moons Rising. If you don't want spoilers, leave the page!

"Bates to the Rescue"[1] is the fifth episode of Two Moons Rising, and the thirty-first episode overall of Nowhere Boys.[2]


An unhinged Principal Bates is trying to make everything normal by pretending it is normal. He locks the gang in a classroom, but they finally escape and cast the dimensional return spell - will they get home?[1]


A flashback from Luke's point of view shows him at his birthday party, where he is indoors playing on his new iPad. His mother comes in and tries to get him to mingle with his friends outside. However Luke refuses, stating that they weren't his friends and he didn't even know them since his mother invited them. His mother persists that he might like trying something new, but Luke is more interested in getting a high score and returns to his game.

Back in the present day, the Nowhere Gang have joined Principal Bates, Brooklyn, and Peta on the bus and are driving back to Bremin. Bates explains he has already driven to other suburbs, including the city, but all are deserted much like Bremin. While looking out the window, Luke thinks he sees his mother, but the bus passes by before he can make sure. However he sees his mother again, and this time makes Bates stop the bus so he can get off and look for her.


  • Jesse is worried he may have claustrophobia.


  • When Luke tries to escape through the vents, Heath calls him "Prison Break", a reference to the TV show of the same name.


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  • Director — Sian Davies[3]
  • Writer — Giula Sandller[3]





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