This is a list of quotes for Andy Lau.

Episode 1Edit

  • "Your high-pin should be past your low-pass filter."
  • "Team building? Team dynamics? Working as a team?"
  • "Bear Grylls's mum would let him go."
  • "Brains and brawn, excellent choice sir."
  • "I resent that."
  • "That was Winston Churchill."
  • My family's from Singapore. We don't camp, we shop."

Episode 2Edit

  • "If there's one thing I've learnt from watching Bear Grylls."

Episode 3 (Season 1)Edit

  • "We really don't exist."
  • "Then we took the next logical step, temporary madness."
  • "The ninja would observe their target for weeks, gain an intimate knowledge of their targets. The home delivery man, here he comes. Our subject has a crush on the newsagent. Every afternoon he sneaks her over a little package of xiaolongbao, love dumplings. Ninja!"

Episode 13 (Season 2)Edit

  • "Order must be restored"
  • "Say "quantum entanglement"!

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